Kovacs' Garage  offers honest and reliable auto repair.Our customers can vouch for it!
Kovacs' Garage had my problem diagnosed within two hours and had my truck back to me within the same day. I was shocked when I was told that the problem was minor. My repair cost substantially less than I expected. I knew then, that I had finally found an honest mechanic.

Dennis F.
Local Business Owner

Is five stars the best you can do? Kovacs deserves many more! We arrived in Connecticut from Ontario, Canada and, while on the road, many miles from our destination, were told that we had no brake lights. The truck repair places we contacted told us that we would have to wait at least a week. Finally we took the motor home to one of those "first come, first served" places who figured they would be able to fix the problem. They replaced the brake light switch and fixed some worn wiring but still no brake lights, so we took it back the next day for more work. After a few hours they told us they couldn't fix the problem. They did have the grace not to charge us for the time used on the second day. We were also told by them that the belts need replacing, that a couple of hoses had oil on them and were swollen, and needed replacing, that the ignition wires were in bad shape and that they considered the plugs would be too. A web search turned up Kovacs and, when we told them that we were visiting and needed to get going pretty quickly, they said that they could take us in right away. We showed them the bill for the work done already and told them what we had been told would need replacing, belts, hoses, wire, plugs, the whole schmeer. We also told them about an intermittent problem we were having with the back-up TV, A few hours later everything was fixed. The brake light problem was due to a wire not being connected. Poor workmanship by the first come place and an easy fix. Only two belts needed replacing while everything else had been checked and was in OK shape. A relay in the back-up TV had been rewired and solved that problem. At the end of all this, the bill was very reasonable, thanks to their honesty. Kovacs, you're a pleasure to do business with. If you need repairs, go to Kovacs.

Henry P.
Ontario, Canada

Kovacs' takes care of my freezer truck, they were the only ones that actually knew what was wrong with it [the dealer was way too expensive] they are friendly knowledgeble and most important Honest. they will not sell you a line of bull. I give them my highest recommendation.


75 & 85 Davenport St.
Bridgeport, Ct 06607
FAX 203-368-6051


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